Illustration of Mone
Title "Mone Good"

- Guide Dog Walks in Earthquake Stricken Kobe -

Written by Tsuyoshi Shimada

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The author, Tsuyoshi Shimada, blinded by accident, has risen above blindness to become a health practitioner. He is a Director of the Hyogo Guide Dog Association. This is his story about his companion Mone.

Today's culture has made it an absolute necessity to be able to move about independently. The blind person can not be so independent. The guide dog is one of best solutions to this problem. They are distinguished for safety and mobility. Additionally, guide dogs have a miraculous ability to become charming companions, and to calm the human heart. Our desire is to make this experience available to many more blind people.

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Copyright Tsuyoshi Shimada
Cooperation : Hyogo Guide Dog Association
Illustration: Familiar Ltd. Art department Yoko Okunishi

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